Part 1 (2 hours) - Learn about the planetary alignments responsible for human extrasensory perception (ESP) capabilities and the science behind them during this Webinar! There are several different ways one’s chart may demonstrate these special energies through the presence of certain planetary combinations, signs, and houses. Learn what these are and how they can manifest in real life… RECORDING IS AVAILABLE HERE

Part 2 (3.5 hours) - we will go deeper into planetary alignments that are responsible for your personal ESP (extrasensory perception) abilities. You will learn powerful hands-on science and astrology based techniques:
1)  to improve and train your psychic abilities;
2) to improve your life and achieve goals;
3) to use for your everyday readings for yourself as well as for your loved ones and even clients;


Part 3 (3.5 hours)  - you will learn 2 more amazing simple techniques and will practice what we have learned before. PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! READINGS FOR ALL! Each student will have a chance to practice his/her own newly acquired skills. Each student will be able to ask me specific questions and get readings using various techniques.